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Windblown Seeds

This morning as I sat in the cafe at University of Nottingham for possibly the last time, I watched as countless wreaths of fluffy seeds blew past the window and in through the open door.

I marvelled at this haphazard approach to reproduction as doubtless thousands of seeds landed on the floor and sofa where I was sat. As I remarked on this to a colleague, he reminded me that it was by no means a random approach. The strategy of producing hundreds of thousands of seeds is in the sure certainty that whilst many will fail to reach fertile soil, thousands will.

As I reflected on my current circumstances I realised that my own strategy is somewhat similar. With my contract due to expire soon, I have poured my energies in several directions.

I have tapped up existing contacts to tell them I’m available for freelance work, applied for a number of permanent positions and applied for dozens of casting and audition opportunities to act or sing in TV, Film and Theatre. This, whilst working in a pub at weekends.

Does this mean my business is a failure? No. It means that by utilising of all of my talents, I am able to still provide a roof over the heads of my family. Since embarking upon this journey as a full-time freelancer at the beginning of 2018, I have discovered firsthand that the road is rarely smooth, there are peaks and troughs, busy times and quiet times or, as one friend put it, it’s a case of famine or feast.

My business is not devalued by my having to work part-time to support myself, it’s early days. Rather, my time is used wisely in creating income to allow time and space for my business to grow naturally and organically.

As for the future, well who knows, but the journey there is certainly going to be interesting!

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