Multi-Phil 2020

The Multi-Phil 2020 is a new and improved version of the original 1977 version.  Main improvements include walking, talking, reading, writing and listening! 
The Multi-Phil 2020 is the copywriter your business has been waiting for!
Main Features
  • Excellent Wordsmith
  • Strong Communicator
  • Grammar Nerd
  • Creative
  • Good with Children
  • Hilariously funny
Dimensions:  1880 mm x 300mm
Weight: 80 kg (overall weight may vary upon delivery)
  • Black/greying hair (actual product may vary from illustration)
  • Chinstrap beard/moustache
  • Glasses
  • Brown eyes
  • Slim, athletic build
  • Apparel, variable according to season and mood.
The Multi-Phil 2020 is an excellent addition to any marketing department.
Boasting 20 years of customer-facing experience, the Multi-Phil 2020 utilises multiple skills and talents.
These include sharp communication skills, an innate understanding of customer needs and a wit which engages with customers, producing greater buy-in to brand and product.
In addition, a strong work ethic, fierce loyalty and dogged determination are much in evidence.
Whether sporting ochres and umbers, or soft charcoal greys, the Multi-Phil 2020 blends easily with your existing outfits and is the must-have addition to your marketing wardrobe this Autumn.
The upgraded-option is versatile and is available with optional fancy dress, quiff and/or twizzly moustache to create the perfect creative aesthetic.
Additional Features:
  • Mobile - Driver with car
  • Versatile - Able to work remotely or in a pack
  • Durable - can run 26.2 miles in 3:29:30
  • Musical - Can sing the top note in Somebody to Love (Just ask!)
  • Good with Children - Have two teenagers
  • Puns and one-liners - Dad jokes a speciality, eye-rolls optional
  • Attractive enough to bag a hottie and convince her into staying married for 21 years

The Multi-Phil 2020 is an exclusive one-off product and, to our knowledge, only one has ever been produced. 

The Multi-Phil 2020

available today 

£24,000 - £28,000.


Phil helped me to find the right words for my new website. Not only did he manage to create clean, clear language that explained what I actually do, he also came up with new ideas for me to consider.

The result is a site I am really happy with because it has a look and feel that is complemented with powerful language.

Martin Stiven – Business Coach – Former Vice President of B2B Division, EE

I have really enjoyed working with Phil. He always completes work on time, goes above and beyond to produce first class work and is extremely easy to work with.

Phil pays a lot of attention to the finer details and is really passionate, helpful and enthusiastic about what he does.

His writing is engaging, informative and very professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, and I’m looking forward to reading more of his work.

Kiri Nowak (The Content Wolf) – Freelance Copywriter

Writing about yourself and what your business does is not as easy as it sounds!


Phil wrote us exciting and engaging copy which has made our new website look ace!

Nic Morgan – Creative Pie Films