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Kapow Content is the brainchild of Phil Deakin, a 40-something, professional creative with a passion for the dramatic and a penchant for precision.

Phil was working for an independent bank  when they updated their website. After twenty years of working in customer-facing roles, this project  was Phil’s ticket to a creative career in marketing.

Working for other agencies and copywriters, Phil gained feedback and experience. This gave him the confidence to launch Kapow Content in 2016.


He quickly established Kapow as an audacious, confident voice in marketing.

A writer should be joyous, an optimist . . . anything that implies rejection of life is

wrong for a writer.


- George Gribbin​


Established four years ago, Kapow Content brings twenty years of people-centric professional communication to the table.


Using that expertise in negotiating, understanding and communicating a professional image in a friendly accessible way, we can give your company the edge on your direct competition.

In the realm of marketing, Content is King. Videos are impressive, images are pretty but what you say about yourself is more often than not, the reason why someone will engage with your business.

That doesn’t mean embellishing upon the truth.

Most of us know what we want to say when it comes to marketing our business, but may struggle finding just the right words to appeal to  target audience and to strike the right chord to align with your product branding.

That’s where we come in. Whether sole trader or multi-national we have worked with them and have found new and innovative solutions to presenting businesses to their prospective clients.

Whether editing existing content, tweaking, or undergoing a complete re-write, we have the expertise to communicate your message clearly and powerfully to your intended audience.

T: +44 (0)7540 236488 


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